When designing a kitchen or laundry to fit into a predetermined space can take a little bit of skill.  

You don't need to be a designer to know what you want but for the finer details and when completed, making sure everything works sufficently & effectively does take knowledge and understanding from those that have been there and done that.

In a few instances, off the shelf units can work but in reality no walls or spaces are standard.  Some units need to be modified including doors and hardware and your normal Flatpack type companies cannot accommodate this as all imported doors are made to a stock size only to cut costs.

The biggest mistake many make is trying to save that extra couple of dollars (and in most cases it is only a small amount) to find out that their new kitchen or laundry just does not fit as it should.  We get many enquiries from people asking if we can modify their 'Hardware Company' kitchen, benchtops or doors as they have found after purchasing that too many voids, fillers, doesn't fit or just bad workmanship and is not working as it should.  Alterations cannot be done with imported doors.  What you see is what you get unfortunately.

It's the "Perception of Cheapness" at the start of the project ....... only to find out once all is in progress, the actual cost has increased past the original budget.

When we quote, we quote right down to handles, screws, covercaps, and silicone for benchtop joins (& do the joins!) & delivery.  If we quote installation, we quote the actual install!  Not part of but right down to handles, benchtop installation etc.  

CUSTOM MADE is one of the most important things when making something fit!  Doors and benchtops are MADE IN AUSTRALIA from ONE batch and not taken 'off the shelf' only to find variances in colour, inability to alter, limited stock sizes and a limited life span!  

Our doors and benchtops are 'E0' ..... which is the lowest grading of emissions available. Made here in Australia ...... and if any extra panels or doors are required to fit something special, we can do it.  Kitchens U build warranty the products ...... and so does our manufacturers here in Australia.

Kitchens U Build caters for those who want to DIY with standard & CUSTOM MADE cabinets and want a higher quality product.  ALL our doors and benchtops are custom made to fit.  We can still offer a very competitive price and can still compete against all Hardware stores and other Flatpack companies. 

BACK UP SERVICE is also extremely important.  We know kitchens and laundries and can help before, during and after your project.   We supply kitchens 'Flatpacked' but having our own INSTALLERS can help if the project is bigger than first thought or if time is important to get the job done.  It's up to you!

Our Consultants help plan, design and quote your project.  That’s what we do.  Only kitchens and laundries .... that’s our speciality.  From 1 small project to 50 units.

To give you an idea on price, click on this link and you can view the starting price for our kitchens.  As you can see they do compare in price ..... but in quality, we are streets ahead!









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Endorsed by Hettich Australia

Endorsed by Hettich Australia

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Certegy - EZI PAY


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